What Is The Best Radio Controlled Car Model?

There are a lot of radio controlled cars (RCs) and a lot of RC aficionados out there. Across the United States, there are hundreds of RC competitions of all kinds, attracting both young and adults. The RC industry is one that does not look to be out of business in a while.

As such, RC manufacturers are trying to outdo one another by trying to come up with innovations relating to their products. This translates into totally new RC models that are said to be faster, sturdier, and more powerful in general. To the RC competitor, that is music to his ears. However, the question remains, what exactly are the best RC models out there?

There really isn't a perfect model that would fit all of the details that an RC owner would want. If you are a competitor and want speed, then the model for you would be one powered by fuel instead of the electric-powered ones. The top speeds reached by gas-powered RCs would be far higher than one powered by an electric motor.

However, the disadvantage that a gas-powered RC would bring up is its high maintenance. Gas RCs produce internal dirt that requires constant cleaning, also to maintain high performance and to lessen breakdowns.

Also, due to the high speeds that are brought about by gas-powered RCs, crashes are likely to happen, and we know that high speed crashes result in disaster.

Maintenance is the advantage of an electric-powered RC model. They don't require as much maintenance as gas-powered RCs, since they don't have an internal combustion system.

Even though not much maintenance is required, they tend to last longer than gas-powered models, since they don't experience as much wear and tear with a lightweight vehicle, a motor, and electric batteries.

If you're after speed, then the big truck models are not for you, as they are more suited for rough terrain racing. What would be best is to get a gas-powered lightweight vehicle in order to achieve a lot of straight line speed.

Likewise, a lightweight vehicle is not fit to go on the rough terrain since it normally has small wheels and a lower body that would only be damaged should you attempt to use it.

The best RC models are the ones that are suited to the type of racing you desire to participate in. If you're simply going to buy one for a hobby, try to get an all-terrain RC with speed, like a Cyclone, which is like an all-purpose vehicle.

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Customizing Your Radio Controlled Car like A Pro

In the world of the radio controlled car racing, making your cars as unique and as powerful as possible is a must. Racers customize their cars without end because it is the
specifications and enhancements to its' features that make it a better race car.

The more sophisticated RC engines have become, the more alterations they have need. Today's cars can now run through any terrain and condition without sacrificing speed.

Modifying your radio controlled car is a difficult task if you are doing it for the first time. To assist in evaluating the well known conversion styles, listed below are some
customized RC cars.

1. Monster GT from Team Associated is considered as the toughest RC truck on the market. It has a .21 nitro engine that has 8 oil filled shock absorbers, humongous
universal drive axles, an exclusive dual-starting system, disc brakes, tuned pipes, and a strong aluminum chassis.

Its original dual pick up tank keeps the fuel running even if the truck is upside down. Currently, it has two painted styles available, excluding the limited edition model with a painting of the American flag.

2. X-Factor from XTM has developed a reasonable number of followers since its release in 2003. This monster car has a four link, solid axle suspension that allows it
to move with greater control. Its pioneering engine (XTM 24-7) and electronic mixer (XTM R-Box) give the X-Factor its throttle power and awesome handling in any terrain and condition.

3. The T-Maxx of Traxxas is one of the best selling RC trucks currently. Its award-winning features include automatic shifting and two speed transmission that can go
forward and/or backwards. Its speed of 40 ++ miles per hour is backed up by a strong 2.5 racing engine that gives 60 percent more power that any of it predecessors in the Traxxas line.

Its original WideMaxx Suspension, along with the anodized T6 chassis, gives this racer superior stability when conquering difficult and bumpy terrains.

4. The special, limited edition Mad Force by Kyosho has a solid axle shaft drive, 3mm thick chassis with aluminum plates, and aperture dual disc brakes. This four wheel monster truck has 3 transmissions with double shock mounts and has polished side and lower deck plates.

Customizing your RC is part of the excitement of this sport. So choose those features that you want, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready for some serious speed!

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Common Radio Controlled Car Upgrading Methods

RC hobbyists have been more and more inclined into tinkering with their radio controlled vehicles; whether in pursuit of learning more about the technicalities of their RC's or saving on maintenance fees. RC enthusiasts are trying to be more adept with the repairs and upgrading needs of their collections.

Since radio controlled cars are no longer considered just kids' toys, but more of an investment of time and money; increasing their value with the addition of new parts or altering some of their mechanical capacities to improve their performance has become the norm.

A hobby-grade RC car is usually the only type of these vehicles that can be upgraded. The installation of a new motor, a better tire or body is commonly what RC aficionados do when upgrading their RC's.

External modifications of an RC car

Indeed, it's the internal parts of a radio controlled car that makes it work. But it would look a lot cooler if you try to improve its external parts, right? The usual "mods" or modifications that RC aficionados do to the external parts of their RC's include repainting, which can be more fun if the owner chooses to have some intricate designs on his RC. Adding some decals with the use of your PC and trusty inkjet printer can also be a good external mod for your RC.

Wheels and tires modifications

It's an option whether an RC car owner just wants to dye the rims of his RC's or would prefer to change the tires altogether. Choosing the right foam tires and/or performance tires to improve the racing capacity of your RC is one trick that an RC enthusiast should never overlook if he or she wants to become his or her own efficient RC handyman.

Nitro or Electric modifications for RC cars

This kind of modification requires an ample amount of "geekiness" really. Not many know which engine to choose if they are into this endeavor. If you're aiming to better the performance of your nitro-powered radio controlled vehicle, installing a tuned pipe is one popular way to do it. Maybe a video tutorial or just any illustrated do-it-yourself RC mod project site can help you.

For those with electric-powered RC's, usually changing the motor will do.

And by the way, usually, radio controlled cars come with upgrade kits when purchased. Think of maximizing these kits first before buying any new tool or upgrade items.

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Be Prepared with the Ultimate Checklist for RC Car Supplies

Whether it's your first race or not, having extra parts and RC car supplies will ensure that you're equipped to handle any kind of racing emergency. There's nothing that could feel worse than losing the race simply because you forgot to bring an extra pair of batteries with you!

Batteries and Chargers

Let's start with something simple: batteries and chargers. Having one extra pair is good, but having two extra pairs is better. Make sure you have a charger with you always. If you don't think the racetrack's likely to have available outlets, make sure that the charger has the proper connector so you can use it in your car. Before leaving, check one last time if both batteries and chargers are in good working order.

Speed Control Accessories

Looks are nothing on or off the road as long as you're in a race. Speed, on the other hand, is one of the most significant factors that could make or break you. Are you certain you have all the speed control accessories that can help you win the race? If you aren't using any speed control accessory at all, you can ask for the help of a sales representative in a RC car shop.


These are what allow your RC car to maneuver challenging conditions on or off track. Before leaving for the races, make sure that there's nothing wrong with your RC car's bearings. If you think your RC car will do better if it is a newer or different type, you should make the change at least a month before the competition to give you enough time to practice.

Replacement Parts

Whether your RC car is running on gas, electricity, or nithromethane, there are sure to be spare parts available for your car in any RC car shop. If you're on a budget, consider which parts of the RC car are most likely to be damaged in a race then buy replacement parts for them. Consider buying in advance because some replacement parts take some time before they can be delivered.


Since they're what make your RC car move, they're not something you should neglect. Make sure your tires are in the best condition before going for the races. Take it for a spin so you can see if they're working well.

Engines and Motors

These are one of the most important and most expensive parts of an RC car, regardless of what type of power you're running on. If you can't have an extra motor on hand, make sure that yours' is in mint condition on the day of the race.

Have fun at the races!

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Building A RC - It's Easy

Owning and playing with a radio controlled car (also known as RC) can be time consuming, but can generate a lot of fun and satisfaction. RC is a fun hobby for car enthusiasts; in fact, many owners pit their own RCs against other RC owners in a race (or series of races), sometimes with a hefty prize at stake.

RC as a hobby can be for adults and children alike, which is why it is not too surprising to see young kids facing off against much older opposition in RC competitions, and winning. Yes, even young kids spend time and money buying RCs and RC parts. They also build them, so if they can do it, you can too. It's actually really simple.

Practice makes perfect is an old adage. Yet, it holds true, even in building your own RC. The first thing to do is to always check your manual first. Read through the instructions carefully, taking note of the easier things to do and the harder ones so you can plan ahead. It's important to study the manual first before actually doing anything else.

Next, you have to choose a place to build your RC, as well as the tools to use. Choose a building area that is properly lit to avoid any difficulty in seeing, especially the small parts. Problems may arise when they fall or roll away, so it's better if you can see them, so that you will not lose anything.

In choosing your tools, you have to invest in order to reap more benefits. That includes properly sized screwdriver, pliers, etc. It is somewhat difficult to build an RC properly if you are lacking the right tools for the job. Don't forget to use lubricants on the screws, for easier screw insertion.

Finally, build your RC following the instructions in the manual. If you did the first two steps (studying the manual and preparing the building place and tools), then you should not have any problems, or if any, just a few minor ones.

For the radio controller, just make sure to calibrate it by placing the servos on center before installation. For the tires, make sure they are placed properly and do not face different directions.

Your RC is now complete! Have fun with it, race it against other RCs in a friendly match or join in RC competitions to see how it will fare against others.

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HYPER Green 1/8th BATTALIAN Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC Truggy (Half RC Truck + Half RC Buggy) Ready to Run RTR

Battalian RC Truggy. Off road rc truggy stems from buggy and truck and have brought another tendency to the field of hobby models. 1/8th Battalian NitroPowered Radio Controlled Truggy from Exceed RC features superb performance from the buggy and the monster truck. Fantastic speeds and high climbing performance allow itself to play an important role in hobby field.

1.Four wheel drive system
2.Powerful Suspension arm with adjustable width
3.High quality main and diff. gears
4.6061/T6 anodized aluminum radio tray and chassis
5.Solid universal joint cups/High quality ball bearings complete
6.Large off road slight block tires and spoke wheel rims.
7.Disc brake system provides quick brake response
8.Extra large leak proof fuel tank with spring loaded fill cover and a long fuel pipe for quick re-fueling.
9.High flow duty foam air filter (Anodized aluminum capped cover is for optional use)
10.Polished exhaust pipe and manifold
11.6mm aluminum rear sway arm
Engine .21 W/VX
Transmission Front, Center, and Rear Geared Sealed Differentials
Gear Ratio 1:17.5 Single Speed
Drive System Four Wheel Drive
Radio System Two Channel AM Digital Controller
Length 530mm
Height (Overall) 205mm
Wheelbase 365mm
Front Tires Off Road Knobby
Rear Tires Off Road Knobby
Wheel Diameter 120mm
Wheel Width 82mm
Differential Type Four Bevel Gear
Chassis Type 2.5mm 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Brake Type Dual Steel Disc
Fuel Tank Capacity 125cc
Suspension Type Aluminum Body, Oil Filled Shocks

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4WD Exceed-RC Razor Green Off Road Buggy Nitro Gas Powered

Razor Off Road Buggy. The most popular 1/8 4 wheel drive off-road buggy in the world just got better! At each evolutionary step, the Razor has been improved upon to keep it at the peak of the RC off-road buggy field. So how do you make an Razor better? Extra speed, extra adjustability, extra toughness!

The new Razor is packed with features that have been suggested by Razor owners: More room for the electronics, easier access to the differentials and transmission, and more suspension adjustability. The result is the best Razor ever
Description: Create a world of disaster with the Exceed-RC 1/8 Scale off road racing buggy! This Powerful RC car includes: three sealed gear differentials, insane big block power, and will soundly trounce most other RTR 1/8 RC buggy in its class, but at a price that can't be beat. The suspension and handling on this RC nitro car are very impressive. The buggy comes with a manual which covers the basics you need to get up and running, two channel AM radio, pre-painted polycarbonate body, full electronics including a metal-gear servo. The Razor 1/8th model also includes the basics to get into 1/8 buggy RC racing, such as a powerful 21CXP engine. The Razor model has all of the same features and parts as the Titan 1/8 Truck. The hard-anodized 3mm thick chassis is fully countersunk, and the wheel hubs are coated to match for durability. The unique Exceed-RC Razor buggy stand out at the track or bash session.

Engine 21CXP
Engine Manufacturer ERC
Transmission Front, Center, and Rear Geared Sealed Differentials
Drive System Four Wheel Drive
Radio System Two Channel A.M.
Length 490mm

Front Track 258mm

Rear Track 260mm
Height (Overall) 190mm
Wheelbase 325mm
Front Shock Length 150mm
Rear Shock Length 150mm
Front Tires Buggy V-tread
Rear Tires Buggy V-tread
Wheel Diameter 115mm
Chassis Type 2.5mm 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Brake Type dual steel disc
Fuel Tank Capacity 125cc
Suspension Type Aluminum body oil filled shocks
Weight 3300g

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Radio Control Car Video

What's a fun thing to do with a radio-controlled car other than to race it? Well, one can make it into a spy camera. RC cars make good stealth vehicles. They can be used for surveillance or simply for fun.

Mini Micro Wireless COLOR Pinhole Spy Camera * Smallest * Perfect for Nanny Cam, R/C Helicopter, RC Car & Airplane, Walking Robot, Dog & Cat & Mouse all types P

Different models of mini-cameras can be installed in radio-controlled cars. Perhaps, this innovation will be seen in the race tracks in the future, where drivers will be able to get a first-hand view of the tracks as if they were inside their radio-controlled cars. But for now, radio-controlled cars with video capabilities can be used as toys.

There has been a toy that was released recently which caters to the inquisitive and adrenaline-packed attitudes of children who are into spy games. The "Spy Video Car" was released by the toy company Wild Planet at the San Francisco Toy Fair. It is currently priced at $50.

It has a digital camera that is incorporated into the body of the car. The camera itself rotates in wide angles which can be controlled via a remote control. The cool thing about this toy is that it features an eyewear where the video from the camera can be viewed. This adds up to the illusion that one is really into a spy game. The video is empowered with infrared technology so that one can use it even at night.

The sunglasses are impact resistant and can store up to twenty digital images. The images can then be transferred to an ordinary computer through a USB cable. However, the images generated from the video car are somewhat low in resolution, 640 by 480 pixels at the most.

One can definitely innovate and attach an ordinary mini-digital camera into his radio-controlled car if he would want to experiment on something new. A wireless digital camera can be purchased from specialty stores and can be installed in most RC vehicles.

This would entail some kind of expertise in terms of setting up the cameras and the viewing mechanism. The video cameras can usually be directed into personal computers and one can have the option of recording or capturing the video. Getting a video of the race track can be a good way of learning the tracks and getting ahead of the competition.

A video mechanism on an RC vehicle is a great innovation and a whole lot of fun too.

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RC Cars Tips

Tips On How To Maintain Your Radio-Controlled Cars
Tips On How To Store Radio Controlled Cars
Tips In Repairing Radio Controlled Cars
Tips For Drag Racing With Radio Controlled Cars
Racing Tips And Etiquette For Radio Controlled Car Modelers

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